Health Governance

Over these coming years, the world has a huge amount of work to do. There are real and exciting opportunities, encapsulated in the Sustainable Development Goals and building on the progress made during the Millennium Development Goals .Strong leadership based on Health System approach can help communities to achieve universal health coverage, leaving no one behind. Alongside such opportunities, the world also faces colossal challenges including the threat of antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals; the looming problem of ageing societies; the rise of non-communicable diseases; and the effect of climate change on diseases and humanitarian disasters. It is only through tackling these issues that we can construct global health architecture that can respond to health crises and support resilient and sustainable health systems. While many national and regional groups are confronting these challenges but there is also a need for transformative leaders-and not just technical health professionals.

Within the framework of‚ transformative learning‛ professionals could become agents of social change; with such leaning extending beyond ‚informative learning‛ to inculcate the values, attitudes, and behaviour of professionals. Transformative learning expands horizontal thinking and multidisciplinary learning to strengthen real-world capabilities for reforming health systems, tackling social determinants, and addressing health inequities within and beyond national boundaries.

Governance Links will focus on:

  • Research and Policy analysis on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Governance
  • Promoting Sexual and Reproductive Health justice
  • Supporting the promotion of Health system approach for ensuring health equity
  • Reducing the dependency of communities on forests and critical biodiversity areas